Auto-Immune Support

At BioVitality we work to heal the underlying causes of your auto-immune diseases. Our treatments work in conjunction with traditional medicine and will not interfere with conventional treatments prescribed by your doctors. Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. 

What causes auto-immune diseases?

Common causes + triggers of auto-immune diseases are linked to genetics, diet, drugs/medication, and stress (including over-exertion of your body).

Physical and emotional trauma can also trigger auto-immune diseases that are dormant in the body. 

We work with patients to try to resolve the problems that cause auto-immune diseases by using a layered approach. We help support your immune system through use of homeopathic medicine, diet, nutrition, and supplements. 

Supporting auto-immune cases can be a timely process when it comes to healing—especially when there has been an history of steroid injections.



Within 3 weeks of meeting with Maria and taking her remedies, my RA symptoms were gone—and 2.5 years later I’ve never had a flare up. My RA doctor still can't believe it.

"At the young age of 32, I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (just three-months postpartum after baby number two). My ankles and wrists swallowed up. I was in so much pain! I could barely walk, couldn’t even hold my baby safely. The doctor wanted me on steroids first, and then on Humira for the rest of my life. I thought only old people had RA, and here I was in my early 30’s facing the issue I thought I never would have to even think about... within 3 weeks of meeting with Maria and taking her remedies, my symptoms were gone—and 2.5 years later I’ve never had a flare up. My RA doctor still can't believe it."

— Kat


We love the integrated approach Maria has not to see homeopathy as the way but a way to manage health.

"My husband who had been on rheumatoid arthritis medications could see all the changes in my health after my homeopathy sessions, and decided to give it a try for himself. After a year of working with Maria in parallel to his medical doctor for screening his blood work , he was able to slowly wean off his medications. All along his blood work confirmed and his doctor reduced the medication under control. Certain medications is not possible to stop right away and although my husband was in a hurry to wean off Maria emphasized that it has to be done under control and to work with his doctor in parallel."

— Catherine


Maria is an absolute pleasure to work with.

She is so attentive, takes the time to listen and really provides individual care. She has helped me build my confidence and to build up my health and immunity. I recommend everyone I know to Tribeca Homeopathy and now my parents see her too!

— Stephanie


Maria has helped me with a variety of issues from headaches to mood changes to treating my auto-immune diseases.

Seeing and talking to Maria during sessions feels like you are getting a therapist and a friend all in one. Highly suggest working with her and integrating alternative therapies into your life. She knows well her remedies, prepares them fresh, always listens to you and truly understands where you are coming from. Cannot say nice enough things about Tribeca Homeopathy and Maria as a Homeopath.

— Anita