Joint Pains: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

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Forms of Joint Pains: There are two forms of joint pains: acute flair ups and chronic pains for joints.


Acute Flair Ups

Acute Flair Ups can be due to:

  • High fevers can result into joint flair ups and joint pains. Fever often means you have an infection, therefore you can get swelling of the joints and I’ll be looking at acute remedies to treat both the fever and joint pains;

  • Sometimes it can be the result of Gonorrhea;

  • Gouts can lead to acute flair ups but it can also be chronic;

  • Traumas: Our joints flair up when we go through traumas (accidents, injuries or mental/emotional/stress related traumas).

However, the most common condition seen is chronic joint pains and we would like to share with you how we support it with functional medicine, supplement nutrition and Homeopathy.

Chronic Pains of Joints

The main chronic pains of joints:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis, and

  • Gouts

Rheumatoid Arthritis: 

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) condition is more of an auto immune disease where patient is accumulating toxins in the joints.  Accumulation of toxins can come from various sources such as calcium deposits, by-products of chemicals that the body can’t break down, side effects of drugs or ill effects of drugs.  There is an accumulation of deposits and toxins within the joints: shoulder joints, finger joints, knees and elbows.   When you get a lot of toxicity in the joints (and in the muscles as well), it starts to stop recognizing the joints or the area surrounding it as it is, i.e., the joint.  As a consequence, the body sends in all the immune system to attack the joints as it doesn’t recognize it as a normal body part.  It sends all the white blood cells to clear out the toxins and when white blood cells go into the areas of hands or the knees what you get is a battle station or body war: Inflammation.  Therefore, patient gets hot swollen puffy areas, as the body is attacking its own parts.  Patients can also see discoloration of the skin around the joints.   The most common drugs used in conventional medicine is steroids.  The limitation of such action is that steroids only suppress the symptoms.  Massive quantities of steroids are injected to stop the inflammation but it is not what the body wants to do, and consequently it results in the suppression of body’s own action. When it is moved beyond RA, then conventional medicine prescribes immuno suppressant (i.e., suppress the entire immune system) as the steroids no longer work and are no longer stopping the Rheumatoid Arthritis). It is important to note that if you are on medication not to stop taking your medications prescribed by your doctor.

Etiology of RA:

  • Genes: In almost all RA cases, the genes run through the family so your genetic disposition plays a role;

  • Trauma can trigger RA. RA has to do with immune system and immune system is affected by traumas. This could be physical injury related trauma or emotional/stress related trauma. The emotional triggers are very common but sometimes it can be related to an injury or accident;

  • Overuse of joints: for instance over excising without taking rests;

  • Diet;

  • Drugs/medications;

  • Stress;

At BioVitality we try to help patients resolve the problem.  In RA cases, the body is attacking itself so we need to teach  the body and the immune system to stop attacking itself.  In addition,  we may have a layered approach if we see there is some emotional trauma underneath linked to RA, in parallel, will treat the emotions: The shocks or traumas (is it anger? is it guilt? loss of loved one therefore feeling abandonment because someone you loved passed away? shock or fears etc.).  Supporting RA cases takes a long time especially when there has been a history of steroid injections.

Functional Medicine Testing available for clients: Comprehensive Stool Test, Food Inflammation Test, Heavy Metal Test etc.

Steroid injections don’t resolve the actual problem and the body will carry on attacking itself.   Steroids that are externally injected confuses the immune system and eventually the immune system breaks down.

Do not stop taking medications prescribe by your doctor.  Homeopathy does not interfere with conventional treatment, therefore in parallel.


Osteoarthritis is not an auto immune condition. It is, however, a big cause of joint pain, and is very common.  Often it is due to wear and tear, drying up of the synovial fluid in the joints, joint degeneration, cartilage worn away, exposed bones, synovial membrane eroded.  Symptoms in patients is often swelling and puffiness in the joints but also deformities  and you get really swollen joints, contraction and tightening up.   After a very long time, once it’s deformed, you can’t really bring it back not even with homeopathic medicine.  The healing process of osteoarthritis is also very long, usually 2 years.


Gouts is a problem with the kidneys when uric acid builds up because kidneys are not functioning then uric acid gets deposited mainly in the soles of the feet and in hands.  So, you get buildup of uric acid crystals.  Most of the time, it can be cured or controlled if not cured by diet and homeopathic medicine.

Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. None of the information is meant to diagnose.

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