The Gut: A Vital Part for Our Health

Image via Nutri Patch

Image via Nutri Patch

Why is a healthy gut so important

Getting the gut right is important, not only for autism, ADHD, chronic fatigue, behavioral problems, but also for general physical problems such as skin diseases (eczema & psoriasis), allergies, sinusitis, arteritis, rheumatism, chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s, IBS, auto immune diseases and candidiasis or any conditions caused by some sort of inflammation.  All these conditions are associated somehow with some level of gut issues.

In Chinese medicine, the gut is the separator of the pure from the impure.  When we have a healthy gut, it helps us emotionally to separate the information we need to keep and use and throw out the information we don’t need.  This is also true for the food we eat and need for our physiological functioning & food that is ready to be disposed of.  When the gut is not functioning properly the condition is called leaky gut, meaning toxins are now leaking into our system.

The gut is our main organ of elimination. There are very few diseases in the human body that can’t be helped by getting the gut right.  Patients who need gut related homeopathic remedies are often physically tensed.  This tension can be both in the body and mind. When our gut permeability becomes compromised due to toxicity in our gut, things that are undesirable may pass through the gut barrier causing chronic fatigue, skin diseases, autoimmune, and candidiasis.  Therefore, it is hugely important for many physical problems to treat the gut.

Our body is mostly made by bacterias, most of them reside in the gut.  Bacteria in the gut are collectively known as microbiome and affect not only the gut but also the mind.  Over number of years we see numerous research gaining ground and there is evidence that gut can influence neurodevelopment, pain management, as well as our emotional behavior and how the stress system responds.  For instance, if our gut is out of balanced, it can create anxieties and behavioral problems.  There has been a lot of research showing on how certain antibiotics resistant gut bacteria may interfere with brain development and function of the brain.

Everyone knows the expression of “butterfly in the stomach”.  The sensation of butterfly in the stomach is because of our gut-brain connection, basically a network of neurons is lining our guts, so extensively that some people refer to the gut as the second brain.

Gut as our second brain:

The second brain shares many features with the first brain: It is made of various types of neurons with supporting cells; it has its own version of blood brain barrier and produces wide range of hormones; it has 40 different neurotransmitters (same class as first brain); and the neurons in the gut produce as much dopamine as the brain. Finally, 95 percent of the serotonin in our body at any time is found in the enteric nervous system. We can see a lot going on in our gut that may influence our mood.

Chronic diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, and auto-immune disease:  

80 percent of our immunity is mediated through our bowels and gut. Many chronic diseases come from lowered immunity and auto immune problems where our body is not recognizing our own tissue.  In the gut, we have very important collections of lymph nodes called Peyer’s patches, which are the first line of our immunity (our defense to the outside world, to bacteria and foods that are poisonous to us). When our gut is not working properly, our immunity can be compromised. When our immunity is compromised our body’s defense mechanism against everything from acute problems to chronic disease is compromised.  Homeopathy can provide a strong support to get the gut right: It can improve the function of the Peyer’s patches and our gut immunity, which spreads out to our immunity in general and helps us deal with chronic, rheumatism, arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

Asthma, Allergies and Skin diseases (eczema and psoriasis):

In skin diseases, the gut is disturbed and possibly the lungs.  Whenever patients have skin and lung problems, it gives an alert that the gut may be affected.

Chinese medicine connects the lungs to the bowel and the skin – these three organs all work together.  When one of these organs is affected with a disease, another one may become compromised.  The skin can be viewed as an organ and carry the role of respiration and elimination.  When we suppress problems on the skin with medications, steroid and cortisone creams, we may end up with problems in the lungs.

For instance, considering eczema in children: The use of steroids suppresses the condition, but this may later result in the development of asthma, or hay fever.  When we suppress the skin, we push the disease deeper into the body often into the lungs, asthma being the result.

This is not just true for eczema, it is equally true for psoriasis, acne, and other skin diseases.

In treatments of allergies and skin conditions, it is very important to focus on treating the gut.  When our bowels become toxic, many chemicals build up.  When our gut becomes toxic, many toxic chemicals build up in our gut (commonest chemicals, indole and skatoles which give the stool an odour).

Another common chemical that can build in a toxic gut is histamine which we all know the role it plays in allergies.

By working at getting the gut right and clearing toxicity from the gut and getting the gut healthier using homeopathic medicine and diet, the skin gets better and clearer and our bodies can be healthier in terms of our allergies.  Allergies are responsible for many problems, from asthma to hay fever to many skin problems, and in particular eczema.

Important: Do not stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor.  

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