Cancer Support

Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine does not treat or diagnose cancer, rather it may help support along side conventional forms of treatment to reduce the side effects. It does not interfere with traditional treatments. Some examples:

Surgery: Homeopathy can help prep the body for pre-surgery and aid with post-recovery. For instance Arnica is a well known remedy but there many others to help with post surgery recovery.

Chemo and Radio Therapy: You can stimulate your immune system while going through chemo and radio therapy and help with some of the side effects.

Pain Relief: Homeopathy can assist with pain relief and can help ease associated discomfort with traditional cancer treatments. In cases when cancer is advancing, patients are in a lot of pain and suffer side effects such as loss of appetite, weight loss, and general discomfort—homeopathic medicine may help reduce these negative side effects.

Mental and Emotional Anxiety: Homeopathy addresses the mental and emotional aspects for you and your family during cancer treatment—including general fears, fear of death, fear of leaving loved ones behind, and more. Homeopathy treatments help you feel calmer and grounded.



I worked with Maria throughout the entire process of my own cancer treatment, updating her regularly on my blood results while in parallel working with my oncologist.

Her remedies kept me strong both physically and emotionally throughout the entire horrifying process. Once my treatments were over, she detoxed me out of the side effects and continued strengthening my immune system. She always encouraged me to have regularly checks with my Oncologist and to keep her regularly updated. I have worked with her regularly now for two years and have cancer under control. Working with Maria made me realize that cancer was a wake up call to help me get back in touch with who I am.

— Maya