Skin Diseases + Eczema

If you are suffering from eczema, dermatitis, acne, urticaria, herpes, or psoriasis; homeopathy may help improve your condition:

Skin infections are merely manifestations of constitutional imbalances in the body.

They represent your body's natural response to get rid of toxins in the system (congenital or acquired). This natural mechanism should not be suppressed, but can be managed with the use of natural medicine.

Skin is the largest organ of discharge that compensates for the potential weakness of other organs. If you want to limit your skin eruptions due to toxicity, you must pay attention to your bowel movements and your gut flora as well as your liver and kidneys.

Sugar, stress, pollution, processed/acidic food and drinks, lack of sunlight and bad medicine attacks the gut flora and depresses the liver. A healthy diet is the first step to stimulate the natural vitality of the body, and should complement any treatment.



Initially I went to see Maria Adam to address my daughter's eczema. She was around 6 months old at the time and I am happy to report, as we approach her 1st birthday, she is completely eczema free!

I then decided to go for myself and sent my husband as well to treat our various heath/wellness issues. We have seen such amazing results. I cannot recommend this practice more. Maria is so lovely and her thoughtful approach to treatment leaves you feeling truly seen and heard. She also takes her time to explain the homeopathic approach to medicine so that you feel part of the process rather than just a patient being prescribed pills. I am grateful to have a wholistic approach for my family to address health concerns and I thank Maria for that!

— Lisa


I originally took my 18 month old son to see Maria after he had been suffering for a year with eczema.

My son’s pediatrician had only prescribed hydrocortisone steroid cream, which I didn’t like, and it didn’t cure his eczema, it only stopped the itch in the short-term. Maria managed to get him off the steroid cream and he is now only taking homeopathic medicine to control his skin issues.

— Kate