“I had such an amazing experience with Maria”

She is so knowledgeable and caring, I feel very safe and understood every time I come in for a session. My issue was thyroid nodules that were pushing on the throat and a lot of fears that were holding me back in life. The remedies took care of the problem so fast that when I came for a follow up I forgot what my issues were! When Maria asked me if I felt any symptoms or fear, I realized that they were gone since I started the remedies, It was fascinating. Maria is now helping my niece who has Down Syndrome. There has been a tremendous jump in development. Both my sister and her child feel stronger and happier.

— Elena

“Maria has cemented my belief that many Ear, Nose, and Throat issues can be effectively cured without antibiotics and traditional medicine”

Her gentle treatments worked fast to alleviate my reoccurring sinus issues. Furthermore, Maria managed to get my cold and cough under control in matter of hours after I struggled with it on my own for a few days.
Maria also was able to effectively treat my child’s strep throat without antibiotics. As she boosted our immune systems, our family had fewer colds this season.

— Lena


"Maria has helped me not only achieve health on a physical level but, mentally and emotionally as well."

She is extremely thorough in her assessment. Maria has helped me to achieve better digestion, mood and a greater sense of well being. I highly recommend working with Maria. 

— Philip


"I met Maria and somehow, just knew would be helped"

Ever have the feeling you weren't at your prime, something was off? That's how I felt. My physical body was starting to show signs of my inner turmoil and I wanted to address things in a healthy way, naturally. I met Maria and somehow, just knew they would help me. So easy to talk to and makes me feel cared for. Maria treats me with homeopathy remedies and I in turn, am helping my children feel better naturally, under her direction and remedies. Some of the physical things we've addressed are grief and abuse, anxiety, stomach issues, pink eye and the many cold viruses the kids brought home from school.  



“I truly believe Maria saved my life.”

 I was very sceptical at first since she was located in NYC and I was in VT. But through FaceTime we were able to have very meaningful conversations and Maria was able to help me after our very first call. At the time of our first call I had lost 50 pounds due to severe digestive issues. It was so bad that my gastroenterologist stated there wasn’t anything left for him to do. So then I called Maria and what a difference she made. I was able to start eating normal foods again almost right away and since then my whole outlook has changed and I feel so much better. Thank you, Maria! 

— Lisa

“Working with Maria and natural approach has helped me over come getting terrible sinus infections and over all decrease how often I get sick/catch a cold.”

Maria is a wonderful and kind person that you can trust. I have had recurring headaches and very bad sinus infections. After trying several doctors and traditional medicine my sinuses never improved. Working with Maria and her natural approach has helped me over come getting terrible sinus infections and over all decrease how often I get sick/catch a cold. I am very satisfied with her approach and results 

— Sophia


“My allergies are under control and I have a cat at home!”

When I started my homeopathy remedies with Maria. I had extreme allergies. She is very knowledgeable and puts a lot of time to understand you and the root of your problems. Thanks to her, now my allergies are under control and I have a cat at home! I highly recommend her practice.

— Slavish


"Before meeting Maria I was in the darkest place of my life. I was stuck in fear and pain—and it manifested in my body as leaky gut and Celiac disease."

I met with Maria after going to nutritionists for three years, acupuncture….you name it I threw the checkbook at it. My intention was to heal my gut and gain the weight back. From the first time I met with Maria something clicked in me and I knew she was going to be the VIP of my healing journey.  She is such a bright light, she practically floats off her seat.  She reviewed my survey and listened to my story and gave my remedies that would start my healing process. Immediately I started seeing huge shifts in my life. Physically I started gaining weight and becoming less sensitive to the foods that once have my reactions. I am beyond grateful. 

— Sayre




"Maria came highly recommended by a friend—and within my first session, she managed to not only help me with my physical ailments, but also on a very deep emotional level." 

I left her office already feeling so much better after just talking to her. She also introduced to the amazing healing power of homeopathy. I've been seeing Maria for over a year and have already learned so much about myself and my body and feel worlds better and would highly recommend her to everyone! 

— Lauren