BioVitality Treatments for Eczema


Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin that is very common. It is often itchy and uncomfortable to the patient. Those with bad eczema can even get infections from scratching. Unfortunately, there is not much conventional doctors can do as they tend to prescribe steroids for most cases which doesn’t cure it.

Occasionally dermatologists may prescribe modulating creams in bad cases of eczema but that is their only back up.

Some facts about Steroids:

  • Steroids have side effects

  • Steroids only suppresses the condition and doesn’t cure it

  • Steroids make the skin thinner

  • Steroids can cause a lot of pigments on the skin

  • Patients who have been on steroids for a long time when they stop using their creams, they will get a rebound of eczema which is even harder to control

Therefore, Eczema is a difficult condition to treat especially adult eczema where there has been a lot of suppression through use of steroids creams for years. What is difficult in eczema cases is to manage the expectations of the patient as patients to heal fast, the problem is, healing takes time.   Homeopathy focuses on stimulating your own inner forces to heal as the body has the ability to heal.  But, healing is a process and you cannot by pass that process. 

Homeopathy is quite effective in treating Eczema. Chinese medicine may help but does not last and eczema comes back as often the herbs themselves are very expensive and can be made of insects, animals and plants, therefore sometimes taste strange.  Patients tend to find they don’t have a lasting shift and often drop out of herbal medicine.

How long will it take to treat eczema with homeopathy? Nothing is ever 100 percent guaranteed but for the most part in adult cases, it takes longer. In chronic eczema with years of steroids usage, it is going to take longer than a child who has not used steroids. It can get better and homeopathy can make a difference but not with one session.  

For children it can take between 6 months to a year again depending on the case (individuals are unique, our genes are unique, there is no formula that fits everyone) but they will get better after each session and parents will start to see lots of positive changes.  Sometimes in some of my children cases or infantile eczema cases we can see the treatments work after only 2 sessions.

Some impatient moms ask us often how to sooth the itching part of their babies’ eczema and there isn’t a lot to stop the itching. Best is to go through the healing process with homeopathic medicine so that it can be stopped for good.  However, here are some suggestions on top of their constitutional remedies:

  • For baby baths, use Oregon grape, can slightly help with the itch.

  • Oatmeal baths very soothing. Oatmeal naturally has soap substance and cleansing properties. I recommend not using soap when you use oatmeal baths

  • Wearing cotton next to the skin

  • Cutting finger nails as low as you can

Taking a good probiotics following an anti inflammation diet and limiting cow dairy is also very important in treatments of eczema.

Important: Do not stop taking medications or steroids prescribed by your doctor unless advised by your doctor.

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